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Property Consultancy

Pengwern Land provides advice to landowners and developers on all types of property matters with a strong focus on land transactions and the wide range of issues that relate to land ownership.

We have a particular expertise in the structuring of Options, Promotion agreements and conditional contracts.

Land transactions are frequently dependent upon a successful planning outcome and therefore our expertise in planning and development can be a fundamental element in successful negotiations.

Our expertise extends to all property rights including:

Restrictive covenants - What they mean and what can be done about them. Can they be lifted or insured against?

Public Rights of Way - Can they be moved to increase the development area? Who owns them? Can historic ownership be established?

Easements - How will this affect your overall design and will it restrict your development? Can they be modified?

Boundary disputes – Who owns the boundaries? How to avoid disputes and lengthy litigation.

Compulsory purchase and compensation - What is it and how will it affect your property?

Ownership - Who owns land if it is not Registered with the Land Registry?  Can the owner be identified and if so how?

We also bring to the table long term strategic advice on how to bring land forward for development and the nature, format and timing of legal Options or Promotion Agreements with relevant parties.

For advice on all aspects of property, contact Ben Boutwood on 01743 247 694 or 07879 405 711 or email


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