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Unregistered Land

Tracing Owners of Unregistered Land

Unregistered land presents a set of very specific problems for developers, promoters and land owners and Pengwern Land have years of experience untangling the complexities of identifying and tracking down owners in this case.

Whether a piece of unregistered land is a verge, path, track, lane or an entire field, it can be tricky to get to the bottom of who owns it.  Identifying the owner is crucial where the piece of land can provide a potential access to the land adjoining it.

An in-depth knowledge of land law and conveyancing as well as meticulous research is required to uncover the nature of an unregistered piece of land.

Pengwern Land uses information contained within both National and Regional Archives as well as Ordnance Survey maps to trace the history of the land and its changing boundaries to establish ownership.  Once we have identified an owner, we can advise on the best course of action and liaise with the owner in order to negotiate a deal where possible.

Registering your House with the Land Registry

Does your house have a title at the Land Registry?  If you bought it before 2002 and did not register it yourself, then it will not have been registered.  If your property is unregistered, it can lead to problems, delays and expense when it is transferred or sold.  Unregistered land can also present a security risk.  Let us use our expertise to make an application for Voluntary Registration to give you certainty and peace of mind.

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